Third Party Quantatative Analysis


Cannabis Analysis will provide a means for patients and providers to communicate effectively and efficiently about medical marijuana.

We believe that analysis of cannabis will help to educate patients and providers by giving them information about any potential compounds that could be unhealthy to ingest, as well as the effectiveness of their medicine. We believe that the unbiased analysis by a third party will advocate for uniform standards for the medical marijuana community and create transparency by utilizing scientific methodology.

At this time, Medical Marijuana is not highly regulated. This includes safety standards and quality assurance. Only through third party testing can medical cannabis be authenticated and verifiable. “In House” testing can lead to mistakes, as well as the possibility of manufactured results. It is only through a  legitimate, educated, professional and experienced testing laboratory, such as Mi Canna Labs, that results can be assured and verifiable.

We are committed to offering the patient reliable, accurate, and professional results.  This educates patients and protects their health, and establishes credibility for medical marijuana providers.

At Mi Canna Labs, we have experienced and trained professionals who understand laboratory testing procedures, standards, and environments. We are committed to offering our services with professionalism and friendliness. Because our founders have worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for years, we are committed to assisting you with scientific procedures in a humane and friendly manner. While we believe in the scientific method of cannabis testing we also believe in treating our customers with respect and dignity.

We understand what patients need. We believe that providers will succeed by ensuring the well-being of their patients. This will only strengthen the viability for our medical marijuana community.

We believe that Cannabis Analysis will positively support patients, establish credibility to providers, and further the scientific advancement of medical marijuana.