Our Mission Statement

MI Canna Labs is the Midwest’s premier laboratory for providing cannabis analysis, utilizing state of the art equipment for potency testing, pesticide screening, and mold inspection.

We are an analytical laboratory that believes in educating medical marijuana patients and providers through standardized cannabis testing procedures.

It is our goal to further legitimize medical marijuana by imparting knowledge and informing patients and providers of the health benefits associated with utilizing independent third party professional testing.

We believe that professional third party laboratory testing will: advance quality control for medical cannabis; support the safe consumption of medical cannabis; and eliminate any subjectivity from the description making process.

It is our mission to partner with patients and providers to expand the knowledge base of medical cannabis.

We believe that information gained through scientific testing will lead to the safer us of medical cannabis.

We believe that patients have the right to know what is in their medicine and how it was produced.

We believe that patients have the right to know the potency of their medical marijuana.

We believe patients have the right to safe medicine.

We believe in rigorous testing procedures to provide you the most accurate results of any lab.

We believe that experienced and educated laboratory technicians will be able to provide you with accurate, credible and reliable results.

We believe we can help educate you about your strain for you or your patient.

We are committed to your success by assisting you in imparting information and knowledge in a positive and professional manner..

We are committed to a high standard of excellence.

We are here to help you succeed.