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Steps to have your Strain Tested



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Sample Pick up: We’ll arrange to pick up a small sample (about 1g) to be tested at our lab.

Mobile Testing:  We have a most unique Mobil Gas Chromatography Unit and can come to your site for testing and provide nearly instant results.  ( minimum of 6 qualifying tests for on site testing).

Portable gs/ms

Promote Your Results:  We will post your testing results and dynamic macro images online, as well as, provide a printed certificate of authentication.  You’ll easily be able to share this information by linking your results page to your website, weedmaps, facebook, twitter, or refer to the results page on this site to add credibility and validity to your strain.

Testing Methods:  Mi Canna Labs uses gas chromatography (GC) assays to provide the most accurate and cost effective medical marijuana analysis to date. Tests are conducted by trained Technicians at your location, or at our lab, using the latest chromatography technology on the market.  Tests are validated by pure THC, CBD, and CBN standard provided by Restek. This standard is a known ratio of Cannabinoids in solution and is measured before and after any Cannabis testing.  Results include relative percentages of THC, CBD, and CBN.  To learn about the differences between Gas Chromatography vs Liquid Chromatography in Cannabis testing, please Click-Here.

Invest in your future.  Although we have priced our services very competitively, we do have packages to meet your unique needs.  For a quick check on our packages click on pricing.