How does a Medical Marijuana patient benefit from cannabis analysis?

Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and CBN) are the major active chemical compounds of  marijuana.   Scientific analysis of  medical cannabis provides one with the exact percentages of these active compounds in any given sample of marijuana. Knowing the actual chemical potency and ratio of these cannabinoids  assists one choosing the marijuana strain which will illicit the desired results.  Medical marijuana is not regulated by the FDA, there are no federal quality standards in place.  Marijuana Potency Testing allows for transparency by letting one  know exactly what one is ingesting  without surprises.  The appearance and smell of medical cannabis only tells some of the story.  Independent third party laboratory analysis of medical marijuana gives one quantitative data allowing for better decisions that affect  ones health.  Don’t rely on subjective biased rhetoric when it comes to your health. Test for the Best.


Why should we as a Dispensory, Club or Collective care about potency testing?

Providing patients with the results of a quantitative analysis on available strains at your collective allows for making informed decisions as to the best treatment for their individual needs.  In Michigan,  medical marijuana patients have many, many options available to them to get their medication.   Knowing the potency and percentages of cannabinoids gives them the necessary tools to determine which strains will provide the best efficacy for their particular ailments.  Mi Canna Labs tested labeling shows your commitment to quality and professionalism and provides for credibilty via an analysis by an unbiased  independent third party labratory.  Mi Canna labs will promote your collective, dispensary or club as providing measured and safe medical Cannabis.


Does cannabis analysis benefit the Grower?

You’re about to invest your money and months of your time growing a plant to maturity. Testing your strains before you commit to grow can prevent you from being stuck with an unwanted product months down the road.You’ve just spent months of your time and hundreds or thousands of dollars to grow your own medicine. Quantifying the results of your hard work to see what you’ve grown will help you decide if you want to continue growing a strain, try a new one, or adjust the growing process.