Night Time Use


87x Family Organics – LSD

It has been said that this Indica dominant hybrid looks slightly seaweed green, almost yellow.  Bright orange hairs and trichomes that shine like diamonds under the light are present throughout the bud.  It  smells of  ...


87x Family Organics – Death Star

Patients report on this Indica dominant hybrid that it is one of the top three strongest smelling strains reported and  should come with with a "stink warning".  Aromas of extremely strong diesel fuel smell mixed with ...


87x Family Organics – Modern Vortex

*Analysis preformed by MiCanna Labs  using gas chromatography and photo ionization. Date Tested: 07/20/2012     This is some strong medicine!  An 80/20 sativa/indica strain.  This strain took first place for best sativa at the 2010 Cannabis Cup.  Bright neon green with snow caps.  Neon orange hairs.  Some buds are ...