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Thirsty Girl Growers – The BOB 1.0

"What about Bob?"  The BOB  is a  sativa dominate hybrid whose origin is a bit of a mystery.   The creator of this visually  bright green and sticky variety contends that it is the product of several  ...


87x Family Organics – Mendo

This Sativa Dominate hybrid hails from Mendocino county in Northern California and placed in the top bracket for High Times strain of the year 2007.   Purple and frosty, hairs of bright orange with the unmistakeable smell of amazing purple.  ...


87x Family Organics – Jilly Bean

  This Sativa-dominant hybrid  with the trichomes sparkling of clears amongst mostly cloudy and champagne/amber-colored heads served to vary the color further.  The main aroma is a very grapefruit-heavy citrus scent backed up ...


87x Family Organics – Modern Vortex

*Analysis preformed by MiCanna Labs  using gas chromatography and photo ionization. Date Tested: 07/20/2012     This is some strong medicine!  An 80/20 sativa/indica strain.  This strain took first place for best sativa at the 2010 Cannabis Cup.  Bright neon green with snow caps.  Neon orange hairs.  Some buds are ...