87x Family Organics – Jilly Bean

Strain "Jilly Bean"% of Cannabinoids Present

This Sativa-dominant hybrid  with the trichomes sparkling of clears amongst mostly cloudy and champagne/amber-colored heads served to vary the color furtherThe main aroma is a very grapefruit-heavy citrus scent backed up by spiciness that comes out post-grind, releasing an almost garlic-like quality that nearly takes over the citrus.   The smell of this particular Jilly Bean seemed to carry more of the spicy-peppery Romulan qualities.   Fairly pungent boasting its citrusy musk aroma.

Patients reported the taste ranging from that of a  “Tang”  flavor to a more  spicy, almost fuel-like,  quality similar to that of the post-grind smell.  They reported early hits tend to be more sweet, but left a bitter citrus oil taste lingering on the lips.  Most would agree the Orange qualities shines through.

The effects of this Jilly Bean were said to have been felt quickly and were strong.  No reports of racy or anxious feelings.  Feelings of being mentally at-ease, energized, greatly improved mood and being active and aware.  Some felt an increase in eye pressure (but not facial pressure) and a fluttery feeling in the chest.


Patients have reported:

Top Three Ailments relieved were: 

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Pain

Top Three Effects:

  1. Euphoric
  2. Entergetic
  3. Happy

Most Reported Side Effects:

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Dry eyes
  3. Headache